Richard Mille RM 020

In the Richard Mille RM 020 Replica Watches series, there is a unique modern and classical metal pocket watch - Richard Mille RM020 Tourbillon pocket watch.

It is made entirely of modern materials and is the first pocket watch to use non-metallic surfaces. Superfine carbon fiber materials in all aspects of mechanical, physical and chemical properties are very stable, in a complex environment and a variety of temperatures to ensure the stability of the pocket watch when traveling and accuracy. The Richard Mille RM 020 Tourbillon pocket watch's center case and bridge unit are made of titanium, while the center fixing bracket is made of hard stainless steel copper alloy. The front and rear bezels are made of 18ct rose gold, white gold or titanium.

The biggest feature of the Richard Mille RM 020 Tourbillon pocket watches movement is the use of nano-carbon fiber material for the base plate of the movement. Nano carbon fiber material, this is a kind of ultra-fine carbon fiber co-directional composite material. It is very suitable for maintaining the stability of pocket watch when changing in the environment and temperature.

In addition, this movement is equipped with two barrels and provides 10 days of power. In the dial between 9 and 10 points, there is a scale ring directly by the digital display dynamic situation. It not only has a pocket watch, but also a clock. The special design at the top of the watch makes it easy to attach and remove titanium bracelets.

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