Richard Mille RM 053

Speaking of the Replica Richard Mille RM 053 Tourbillon watches, there are differences in the design of the dial.

The replica Richard Mille RM 053 movement can easily overcome the centrifugal forces and centripetal forces generated during the game. Variable inertia, automatic bouncing balance balance. This balance wheel can effectively increase the reliability of the watch when subjected to vibration, movement assembly, and disassembly, and ensure more accurate travel time. Cancel the dial and use 4 adjustment screws for more accurate and repeatable adjustments. The two raised windows on the surface are not sapphire mirrors but are made of titanium carbide to provide strong protection. Titanium carbide (TiC) is a titanium carbon alloy with a hardness close to that of a diamond. This hardness makes it able to withstand the limit, thus ensuring that the Richard Mille RM 053 Replica Watches are durable. The movement bottom plate and the splint adopt 5 grade titanium alloy. Made of grade 5 titanium, these parts provide overall stiffness and excellent surface smoothness to ensure perfect gear train operation. The hollow floor and plywood have undergone comprehensive and extensive validation tests to ensure optimal strength requirements.

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