Richard Mille RM 057

When the Richard Mille RM 057 Replica Watches were mentioned, it reminded of Jackie Chan of a famous actor who had worked with Richard Mille. Black Onyx is said to have the power to dispel harmful thoughts and is seen as a stone of balance and inspiration – on the bottom plate of a movement made of pure black agate, a golden dragon with a gold scale sits on a plywood and holds a tug under the claws. Flywheel splint. Five-finger claws symbolize the imperial momentum.

The Richard Mille RM 057 Dragon Tourbillon Jackie Chan watch is another fruit of this deep friendship. Richard Mille was inspired by his Chinese name "Jackie Chan" (meaning "a person who will become a dragon") and had long wanted to create a different kind of timepiece for Jackie Chan.

Richard Mille RM 057 Dragon Tourbillon Jackie Chan watches boldly uses a new performance material, the continuation of the luxury of exquisite time art, the perfect combination of advanced technology and exquisite craftsmanship, the thickness of only 5.5mm of the movement of the upper plate took advantage of the cost 20-hour hand-carved 18-carat golden dragon with colored scales, five-toed dragon claws gripping the tourbillon splint, magnificent, and the movement floor is made of pure black agate, which is considered as the balance and inspiration stone, in addition to the Black Onyx. A circular Jackie Chan signature is engraved on the edge of the bottom plate of the movement, rotating once every 60 seconds as the tourbillon turns. Richard Miller unique creativity and bold and innovative brand spirit have brought new inspiration and impact to the watch industry.

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