Richard Mille RM 52-01

The Richard Mille RM52-01 Replica Watches have a classic barrel shape case . The bezel and bottom cover are made of nano-TZP ceramics. TZP is a kind of tetragonal zirconia polycrystalline porcelain with low density, abrasion resistance, low thermal conductivity and other material properties. It is a high-quality material, making this watch The bezel and bottom cover can be polished using microblasted and manual processes. The most distinctive gimmick in the center of the dial is made of 18k rose gold. The metallic character of the rose gold and the symbol of the gimmick symbolize immortality. At the same time, people's minds evoke the ultimate question of life and death.

Richard Mille RM52-01 Skull tourbillon movement has a built-in soleplate design with PVD-treated Tier 5 titanium. The PVD-treated titanium provides excellent rigidity and a completely pristine surface, not only to the wrist. The table is more beautiful, and its performance has been improved.

The function of Richard Mille RM52-01 Skull tourbillon watches are not very much, except for the basic time display, there is only a very powerful tourbillon function. Its time display function has only two hands and hour hands. Although it can't accurately display the time to the second, it has a good effect on the overall style of the watch.

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