Richard Mille RM 69

The Richard RM 69 watch's movement calibre has a unique structure of Richard Mille. In this structure, the tourbillon and the cylinder overlap on the same axis rather than face to face. This ensures that the caliber is more compact and has greater impact resistance, which means that more complications can be integrated into the watch. The Tier 5 Titanium in the Richard RM 69 Replica Watches are biocompatible, highly corrosion resistant and significantly rigid alloy that enables easy implementation of gear trains. The alloy is 90% titanium, 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium. Bottom plates and bridges have undergone intensive and complete verification tests to optimize their resistance capabilities. Occupy the three titanium alloy erotic words in the upper part of the dial, the wearer can control the button in the direction of 10 points, showing the desire to embarrassed to say, blocked by the pointer can not see? It does not matter, the 8-point button can temporarily hide the pointer, and it will return to the home position after stopping pressing.

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